RH awarded £325 for a City and Guilds Floristry Course

RH has undertaken and been successful in completing many courses in a range of subjects whilst in prison. Our assessor found him to be a very bubbly and confident character who knows what he wants…

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Dan granted a Keith Bromley Award of £373 for construction industry tools

Whilst in prison Dan enrolled on a brick-laying course and finally found something that he was good at. Staff at his previous prisons express gratitude to him for his building work. They consider its quality…

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Joe’s Story

Having spent nearly fourteen years in prison, I would like to highlight the positive results that I have gained ……. I was sentenced to life imprisonment with a tariff of thirteen years. I was determined…

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Alicia’s Story

It is so encouraging to see that there are people like yourselves, who actually support the progress that prisoners have made – which gives us a ‘hope for the future’ that we will be able…

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Neil’s Story

First of all thank you to you and the Hardman Trust from me and my family. It’s still not sunk in properly that you have given me all this funding. I will never forget the…

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Donna’s Story

I would just like to thank you and the Hardman Trust for the award cheque you sent to me. It is much appreciated and will really help me with my future and working in the…

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Paul’s Story

Thank you for your letter and also thank you for the award. To come all the way out here face to face to do the interview really meant a lot no matter what the outcome…

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Samantha’s Story

To all you lovely people at the Hardman Trust. I am very sorry for taking so long to write you to express my gratitude for the faith you put into me and the help you…

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Sean’s Story

I’m writing to thank you for your grant. I don’t know how to put into words the gratitude that I feel towards you. As you know I am an ex-prisoner and the help you have…

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Debbie’s Story

Words cannot express how much your kindness and generosity has helped to transform my life in a positive direction. I am now able to pursue career opportunities once considered impossible. Having a second degree has…

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Graham’s Story

Thank you so much for your letter dated 20th April with the enclosed award of £750. I can’t tell you the difference this will make, not just in my resettlement but in terms of being…

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These trade tools were chosen by the award winner and paid for using his award money

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