Hardman Trust’s new look

Today we are pleased to unveil The Hardman Trust’s new look.

For almost 30 years our charity has supported people on long prison sentences to take their next steps in life. Our brand is our first point of contact, from a poster on a prison wall to our website and social media. We want our logo and images to communicate who we are and what we represent. Together with people in prison, volunteers and staff, we’ve created a new brand that reflects our ongoing commitment to supporting individuals as they take their next steps in life, on their journey towards a better future.

What’s new

The new logo features an arrow, representing energy, progress and forward movement. It symbolises looking to the future, not staying still. For people in prison it celebrates movement towards a new and positive direction, and it reflects The Hardman Trust as a forward thinking charity. We chose green as our primary colour to represent growth, renewal, and hope. The font is modern, clean, and easy to read, ensuring that our messaging is clear and accessible to all. It is bold, established, and professional. Our new tagline – “for the long term” – represents our long-term support to people on long sentences, helping them successfully find belonging, meaning and purpose.

The process

We selected JG Creative after seeing their portfolio of work with other charities. They have an excellent understanding of the needs of organisations like ours, and we liked their eye for colour and bold designs. They took the time to really understand The Hardman Trust’s work, what drives us, our mission and our values. Taking a personal approach, they listened to our main priorities and understood that our brand had to work for a wide variety of people, in prison and outside. They paid attention to the challenges of the prison environment and researched other organisations operating in this space, to ensure The Hardman Trust stood out.

The result

We handed the final design decision over to people we’ve worked with in prison and on release. After much discussion and reflection, they chose the new logo, font and colours you can see today.
Our vision is of a future where everyone can achieve their potential within and beyond prison, and we are committed to growing and developing as an organisation as we strive to achieve this.

We hope our new brand resonates with you. Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more about who we are and what we do: info@hardmantrust.org.uk


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Together we can create a future where everyone can achieve their potential within and beyond prison. Can you help?