As we reflect on a remarkable year at The Hardman Trust, marked by the launch of our new Strategy 2023-2026, we are really excited with our plan to reach more individuals serving long sentences, than ever before! The distinctive needs of this community demands specialist support, throughout their sentence and as they resettle into society. The Hardman Trust stands as a vital service, empowering individuals to unlock their potential.

This festive season, we are thrilled to unveil a special campaign aimed at supporting individuals leaving prison after a lengthy sentence. We firmly believe that this initiative holds the key to transforming lives. The transition from prison can be an overwhelming experience, with the world transformed beyond recognition. Over the past 14 years, there have been significant societal changes, from the ever present use of IT, including the prevalence of smartphones and social media to the changes on high streets and cost of living, the landscape has completely changed. Coffee shops now serve as hubs for social gatherings, populations are on the rise, and media stories are easily accessible.

For those returning to their community adapting to these changes can be daunting. Learning to navigate self-service checkouts, embracing apps for accessing everything, finding support groups, renting or buying a home, and securing financial support all contribute to the complexity of the resettlement process. Our dedicated service aims to provide individuals with the necessary support to overcome these challenges. Often, those leaving prison find themselves isolated from family and friends, underscoring the importance of having someone to contact for their wellbeing and positive future plans.

Your Support Matters

This Christmas, you have the power to help us realise our vision, a future where everyone can achieve their potential within and beyond prison. Your contribution can make a meaningful impact on the lives of those seeking to rebuild and create a hopeful future.

“The Hardman Trust were the only people who understood and supported me. They were there when I needed them most. Without their support, I would not have built the confidence to start my own business, giving me hope for the future.”

As we embark on this festive campaign, let us come together to unlock hope and create a brighter future for those transitioning from long sentences. Your support will be the key to transforming lives and building a more inclusive and compassionate society.  Please check our support section here