Our founder, Guy Armstrong, a prison Chaplain, saw the challenges facing people on long prison sentences: homelessness, a lack of workplace skills, stigma, isolation, low confidence, and poverty. He set up a fund to provide financial assistance to purchase tools and equipment, offering a helping hand into employment.

We know from experience that this practical, common-sense approach works. The people we’ve worked with for nearly thirty years have used this financial support to gain qualifications, start businesses, find employment, and avoid homelessness. They’ve reconnected with family, gained a new direction in life, and avoided returning to crime.

In 2024, we are building on this work, with ambitions to do more for people leaving prison. Our Match Funding Campaign will support us in continuing our work and making a difference in the lives of people who face many challenges and stigmas.

Our work supports change for everyone.

We are delighted to have the support of Emma Gower, Grandaughter of Lt Col, The Revd Guy Armstrong OBE. As a trust, we feel honoured to have the support of his family.

“ My amazing Grandfather was the Founder of this fantastic Trust, and I have been so honoured to see the amazing work they all do to support people’s return to society.

It is truly inspiring hearing people’s stories and how much the trust has helped them. Some starting their own businesses, gaining all sorts of qualifications, also giving back to their communities, and helping others like themselves.

Hearing how the Trust and the amazing people in it work so tirelessly to help people start their lives again, and the positive impact it has on not only them but their families and society around them is truly amazing to hear.

It is amazing to see how many people are being helped 29 years on, but the work is ongoing, and support is still needed. I am so very proud of the legacy my Grandfather has left behind.

If you can donate to this amazing Trust, it would mean the world to me and, of course, my Grandfather. In March, every pound is matched! ”

(Lieutenant Colonel, The Reverend Guy Lionel Walter Armstrong OBE 1918 – 2002)

By clicking the link today, you can make a big difference in our communities. When someone has been in prison for a long time, it can be hard to start over. But with your help, we can provide them with the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

Thank you for your support!