The Hardman Awards
The Hardman Trust helps people who have been in prison a long time to get their lives back on track when released.

We provide an award up to £750 in value, known as a Hardman Award, to help people achieve specific goals they themselves have set. We give the award at an award ceremony, where, maybe for the first time in their lives, people feel like winners. The award is that extra piece of financial help that makes a plan possible, that extra piece of encouragement that makes someone go for it. We help prisoners believe in themselves. Awards are made for a wide range of purposes including business start-ups such as laptop and printer; tools for many different trades; work clothing; support costs for academic courses; HGV and LGV training; forklift and dumper truck training and many other vocational courses from working at heights to dog grooming.

I've been made an offer of employment. I'm now waiting to start work in a Hair Academy in East London, where I'll be cutting hair, wet-shaving and teaching.
I am now in full-time employment with a practical skill that I can use anywhere in the country... plus the money earned is enough to support my family... plus my little lad loves coming on long weekend runs with me during the holidays. The job gave me quality 1-on-1 time.
The Award formed the largest part of me being able to buy tools for my vocation as a mechanic and as a direct consequence I'm now employed, because I was able to say I had my own tools.
I'm in full-time employment as a Class 1 HGV tipper driver with earnings averaging £24,000 to £26,000 PA. I can now afford to look after my family and pay the household bills. I basically go back to prison now to sleep and have a career in place for my release.
Well the Award helped me become an HGV driver. Although I am not out yet it's a career waiting for me and on my home-leaves I have found a job.
The Hardman Award has enabled me to have an occupation. I am now a trackman working out from prison, although it's shifts and 'here and there' it has given me a foundation to work on, which is the help I asked for.
I am currently in the process of having my business cards and flyers printed ready for advertising my mobile hair and nail business, which is beginning once I leave the hostel in 12 week’s time. While I was still in custody I was working in a barber shop 🙂

January 2018

24th January – Award Ceremony for Scotland; HMP Castle Huntly

February 2018

15th February – closing date for receiving applications for the April 2018 selection meeting

March/April 2018

7th March – 15th April – Assessors visit prisons to interview candidates

April 2018

27th April – Selection Meeting where award winners are chosen

June 2018

21st June – Award Ceremony – HMP Standford Hill

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