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The Hardman Trust also publishes and distributes a practical guide known as The Hardman Directory to every prison Library and each prison wing/unit in the UK! The Directory gives prisoners and those recently released, free access to accurate information on supplementary funding and other forms of financial support that may be available to them.

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There should be one on every prison wing, an excellent resource.


Thank you for sending the Directory, it is a useful resource. I will leave it on the wing for others to use.


I am very grateful for its mere existence. It has made a positive start to that area of my movement forward and has also begun to assist others as I share it.


Thank you so much for sending me a copy of the Directory. I found the info clear and concise – what is funded, how much, who is eligible and how to apply.


It’s indispensable. Nowhere else is this vital information so readily available.


Inmates have no access to information that can help them better themselves and build a future away from crime, on the Hardman Directory’s level. It’s extremely useful and informative about the help available to us. Thank you.


It’s given me valuable information, and has opened my eyes to just how much help there is out there. Excellent.


I think it’s an amazing directory and will help lots of individuals like myself find help especially when you have limited contact when in prison with the outside.


The book is a great help at helping you start to look outside of prison.


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