Future Plans

The Trust has the following specific goals:

  1. Organic Growth:  Significantly increase the number and value of awards granted.
  2. Geographic Reach: Extend and expand the award scheme in Scotland.
  3. Knowledge: Continue to provide support for prisoners throughout the UK prison estate via The Hardman Directory’s rich content.
  4. Technology: Encourage more online applications using Salesforce and the new online application form. Also encourage feedback using Survey Monkey.
  5. Impact: Continually review its impact assessment processes.
  6. Case studies: Build an archive of case studies and photographs, providing donors and other supporters with a powerful sense of how the award scheme can, in a simple way, have a transformational effect.
  7. Leadership: Increase and maintain visibility within the sector, speaking at forum events such as the Governors of Open Prisons quarterly forum and the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP).
  8. Influence: Develop the ‘Ambassador of the Trust’ role, particularly the role of ambassadors who are Hardman award winners.
  9. Funding: Continue nurturing long-term relationships with donors and grant more awards, including more ‘designated awards’ which highlight the origin of the donation that funds a particular award.


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