Our Mission

To increase the number of prisoners making a positive contribution to society by providing selected long-sentenced prisoners with financial awards and special morale-boosting events and all prisoners with access to a high-quality financial resources directory.

Our pathways to change

I also would like to say how grateful I am to you for helping me to believe in others as well as myself and for being the first one to notice all my hard work. Thank you.
It gave me the means to apply my trade as soon as I left prison.
It has given me confidence. I feel I'm very focussed now on what I would like to do in my future.
My experience of the Hardman Trust was an amazing thing. Thank you to the Hardman Trust and also thank you to all the people and companies that put money into the Trust.
I would just like to thank you and the Hardman Trust for the award cheque you sent to me. It is much appreciated and will really help me with my future working in the hairdressing industry that I have always wanted to do. Thank you again.
It is so encouraging to see that there are people like yourselves, who actually support the progress that prisoners have made – which gives us a ‘hope for the future’ that we will be able to continue doing something worthwhile upon release.
Simple as this: You gave me a career and my loved ones will benefit from it.
The award has boosted my confidence in my ability to start my own business and has given me the equipment needed to carry out the services I will perform.
I believe the Hardman Trust is invaluable in helping prisoners back into work and giving them self-worth. They do a fantastic job in my opinion.
I think this is a brilliant scheme to help people with their future goals.

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