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There are more people going to prison on long sentences than ever before, and demand for our support is rising. When we invest in people leaving prison, everyone benefits. The individual benefits from the opportunity to take a new path in life, finding work, avoiding homelessness, and rediscovering a sense of self. Their families benefit from having their loved-ones back home, breaking the intergenerational cycle of offending. The wider community is safer and more prosperous, with less crime and more money going into local shops and services. We are creating a future where everyone can achieve their potential within and beyond prison, and we need your help.

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Your donation can help us support more people leaving prison to take a different path in life.

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Transform someone’s life by sponsoring someone to buy the tools they need to find work or complete a training course.

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Raise money by completing a challenge event.

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Does our mission inspire you? As a volunteer you can write letters, support people in prison or volunteer your skills in other ways.

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Have you been supported by The Hardman Trust in the past? Share your experience with us.

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Buy from prison-leavers’ businesses

Coming soon. Buy directly from people The Hardman Trust has supported.

You’ve helped me to see that some people in society do believe in second chances. This has made me even more determined to succeed.  I am working and studying hard to make a successful future for myself.
Hardman Trust Client