Support to people on long sentences

We offer personalised support to people who have served 10 or more years in prison. We help each person to plan and prepare for life on release, we follow up with the financial support to turn that plan into a reality, and we offer ongoing support to stay on track once back in the community.
Working with each person’s unique goals, skills and circumstances, our work is tailored to the individual, and makes a lasting difference.

Preparation for release

This work is currently being piloted, with a view to learning how best to support people on long sentences prepare for life on release.

We are working with each person to create a plan for their life after prison, providing information about the job market, practical considerations such as how to register for a bank account, and tailored support around each person’s goals and aspirations, and what might have changed in the time they’ve been in prison.

Practical and financial support

Once someone has a plan in place, we offer the practical and financial support to turn the plan into reality. We offer grants of up to £1000 to people currently on long prison sentences, who are preparing for release. This money can go towards training or educational courses, the tools required to help gain employment, materials needed for activities that improve health and wellbeing, or other practical solutions that support positive resettlement.

Grant criteria

  • Has served 10 years or more in prison, and is still in prison
  • Is due to be released within the next 2 years
  • Is seeking the following:
    – The cost of training or educational courses
    – Tools / clothing for work
    – Materials for activities related to health and wellbeing
    – Practical requirements to support resettlement

Grant process

  • Person in prison completes an application form for financial support. Application is given to the Prison Liaison staff member, to be scanned and sent to Hardman Trust.
  • A Hardman Trust representative meets with the applicant to discuss the application, by phone or in person.
  • The Hardman Trust decision committee meets quarterly to allocate grants.
  • Grants are made. The Hardman Trust will either pay for the course or materials directly, or issue funds to the prison or probation.

As a long-term prisoner (over 10 years) it would have been very hard to adjust to the changes of life, but with the help of The Hardman Trust I was able to quickly secure work as a researcher for a charity. This is something that grew in me after getting support from you, making me think that I would like to help others with my skillset too.

Note: we do not currently have enough funds to help everyone that applies. We might therefore prioritise by release date, give smaller amounts than have been requested, or turn down an application if we are unable to support. We will always endeavour to provide feedback to applicants, and signpost to other support services where appropriate.

Support after release

Once someone has made a plan for release and has been offered the financial support to make the plan a reality, we provide ongoing support through the gate and back into the community. At present this is by phone, for as long as the individual needs it. We are currently piloting a more in depth support offer, testing different approaches to this. What we learn from this pilot will be rolled out more broadly.

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