“Planning for release is a frightening time. You don’t know what is going to be in front of you. You might have great plans, but will you be able to do them?”

‘While in prison, the Hardman Directory was my bible. It supported me in planning for release and helped me find available services and opportunities to help me find my feet. The directory kept me going through dark times and gave me hope.  The Hardman Directory provided me with a tool that, without, I would have been lost.  There was limited support to help people plan for release in prison.  For people wanting to turn their life around, the Hardman Directory is crucial.

My family also used the directory to help me plan for release. It was invaluable. They felt that they were supporting me as I planned my new life.

I would say the Hardman Directory was my bible in prison. It guided me through my sentence and provided me with positive hope. The directory was a survival guide with everything I needed at my hand.

Thanks to The Hardman Trust’s support, I could continue with my degree and am now studying for my Master’s. I have a bright future ahead, more than ever thought possible.’

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